The Old Regime: The French Revolution

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We live in a world of change, and because we are constantly changing our beliefs are sometimes divided from one another. The French Revolution was one of the instance were the world fought for and against change. The French Revolution was influenced by many different factors. Years of economic mismanagement and oppression contributed to the French society rebellion. The Old Regime was filled with problems from a Social Class System, the Catholic, and the Economic problems. In 1789, began the French Revolution effectively aimed to challenge the values of the current regime. The current economic conditions the continued over two decades caused the people to become weary and determined for change. With the increasing push for equality the ideologies of Enlightenment began to spread in land. The Enlightenment philosophers criticized the Old Regime which lead to the King’s decision to seek out the Estates-General which was the beginning of the French Revolution. In 1789, King Louis XVI, decided to convene the …show more content…
Technology, socioeconomic and cultural changed the use of new basic material such as iron and steel. New energy sources, fuels and motive power, coal and steam engine. Most of the industrial revolution depended on the production of clothes, tools, pots, and pans (Merriman 2010). While working in small workshops hammering and shaping household goods and weaving and knitting clothes by women the industrial revolution began to transform their lives. Entrepreneurship began to develop and the banking industry and credit institutions started too revolutionized expanding its level of sophistication. There were improvements in transportation, railroads and steamships, construction of road improvement, and the expansion of markets (Merriman 2010). With the expansion of markets agricultural become commercialized in Western