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The One It was almost the end my junior year of high school. I had decided to take Spanish II online because I had taken Spanish I in class and didn’t enjoy my classmates or the size of the class; I also wanted a different experience because I had never taken an online class before. I put my online class as my first period class so I could stay at home in the morning and sleep a little longer and then work on the class at my own pace. Because I stayed at home for my first period I would have to leave my house by 9:20 a.m. to make it to school by the time my second period started. The day was like any other. I was about to leave when I opened the door to the garage and I saw a small flash of brown dart to the back of garage. The first thought that came to my mind was that it was a kitten but then I quickly pushed that thought aside because why would there be a kitten in my garage. The second thought that came to my mind was a baby bunny because I have an outside cat, Nutmeg, and she likes to torture her prey before she kills it. I always try to save the bunnies or any animals that are still alive when they are in our garage. So I head to the back of the garage to search for the little critter. I reach the back corner and there are cardboard boxes everywhere, but I started shifting through the boxes in the hopes of finding the defenseless creature before Nutmeg came back to eat it. I’m looking and I see fur sticking out from behind a box and as I moved the box I see a tiny fluffy white, brown and grey striped kitten with big blue eyes staring at me. I am in aw that there is a kitten in my garage. I try to grab the little kitten but as I reach for it the cat runs away under some more boxes. We go back and forth between the boxes a few more times before I realize I’m going to be late to school. I couldn’t just leave the cat so I call my mom while she’s at work to see what she says I should do. I’m freaking out because I don’t know what I should do with the kitten because I don’t want to leave it but if I did catch it I wouldn’t know where to put it since my mom told me I couldn’t put it in the house. So I give up on trying to catch the cat and go to school since it kept running and hiding from me. When I get to school I start telling everyone about my traumatic ordeal. The kitten was all that I could think about all day. I also was sort of hoping that the kitten wouldn’t be there when I got home because my mom didn’t want me to keep it, but I also hoped the little creature was still there so I could help it. On my drive home I had these two conflicting emotions going back and forth through my head. I called my grandmother because my mom told me she would call her and tell her to look for it. After I called my grandmother she told me that she went over to our house to look for the kitten but couldn’t find it. But then I got a feeling that maybe she just couldn’t find it because it was still hiding under the boxes. So I get home and start my search for the little one. I left up almost all the boxes and I get the last one under a table at the back nearest the wall. I lift that final box and there is the kitten curled up beside some bubble wrap. The look in the kitten’s eyes was saddening because it