The One Who Walked Away Essay

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Umar Kaba
Professor J.K Hill
English 1B
Topic Exploration Exercise

2. if I were writing on this topic, I would first of all acknowledge the striking ideology and stunning lack in display of gender discrimination in Carter’s “company of wolves”, furthermore I would go on to illustrate the extraordinarily beautiful story of the female sexual awaking and transformation. From the start of the story, we get to understand that the heroine of the story grew up in a bitterly cold region where people grow up faster and lived short hard lives, however this child is not hardened like her counterparts because “ she has been too much loved ever to feel scared” this was due to the fact that she was the youngest and the most beautiful child, her family had coddled her and protected her from lives hard realities , in doing so, they had “civilized” her, made her into this gender ideal of a sheltered, sweet and trusting girl. This girl’s innocence both endangered her and saves her too; she is trusting enough to believe in the hunter’s good intensions, but empathetic enough to lay with him, in doing this, she brings about a revolution of unthinkable shift of power, a shift in power that had never been seen or experienced by the older generation, (her generation), because of the harsh way they were brought up, a way which envisioned the wolf as the most dangerous creature in the world, a way and place were being always armed and ready was the only means of survival especially when you are a lady, woman or girl. A shift in power that seemed unbelievable to the characters living in that “crapy region” or “nature’s dreaded arena”, a shift in power which also made it crystal clear that control and need of change was actually in play, a change so daring that the consideration of it been possible was shattered, a change which seemed so wrong that made the defeated bone of her old grannie (which stands for the old ways, custom, old routine, the older pattern and convention that feared and believed the wolf to be always in control and the most beastly being), cry out to her to rethink the change she was about to make, a change that felt rebellious to the old age, a change in civilization and the possibility that both men and women can exist equally as humans with emotions and needs, a change where they could both socially and mentally exist as equals. Where you don’t have to be beastly like the wolf to be acknowledged and respected. And red who realizes what she had to do to survive, harkened unto the voice of survival, possibilities and subsistence and at the end, makes the impossible, possible.
Also come across other stories in this play, stories that will with no doubt, show the significance of the believe in a civilization where each person have to “dance to the tune of the music he/she choses”, like the story of the woman who took another husband after thinking her first has been devoured by the wolf. This would really make a nice college essay, don’t you think so?

7. If I were writing on this topic, I would create an outlined the similarities amongst the two authors, though, they both seem naïve they can easily be said to be products of their