the only hole in my heart Essay

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The sky was pitch black, the house was silent, and my mother was gone to Chesterfield, South Carolina. Locked in my room, I was hidden under the covers, listening to my television on blast that was sitting in front of me. On a Tuesday in the summer, as a teenager, I sleep all day and night as if I were in hibernation. I arose from my comfy bed to turn off the overexcited television that my little brother had carelessly left on. I then opened my door, which greeted me with a glow of light that was shining bright from the bathroom. Covering my eyes, and wiping my face, I entered the bathroom to look at myself. Now, that wasn’t a pleasant sight to see after taking a six hour nap that was only supposed to be two. I headed downstairs to make dinner. Only to find there was nothing but an empty refrigerator, I decided to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. White bread, peanut butter, grape jelly and a butter knife to top it off.
In a distance, I hear my cell phone ringing. I rush upstairs; it was my godmother. “Hello…” I say. The first thing she says, in the most worried voice I’ve ever heard her in, “Desiree, where is your grandma? What happened to her?” At this point I’m lost and confused. I’m thinking the unthinkable. My mind began racing and my heart began pounding outside of my chest, or at least that’s what I thought. After my godmother realized I didn’t know what the hell was going on, she quickly tried to change the subject and rushed me off the phone.
Sitting in a black colored room, in my thoughts of confusion, I began to shed tears. I had a feeling something bad had happened and everyone knew but me. I called my mother. I cut straight to the chase, and asked her, what was going on; explaining to her what my godmother had just said to me. She sounded hurt in her voice, and I knew something was wrong. She told me to wait until she got home and she would tell me everything. Although I was eager to know, I did as she told me. A sense of fear in my heart began to form and at that point, I didn’t want to know anymore. I laid in my bed, and looked at the stars from the window that sat above me. I was hoping everything was alright, but I knew deep down it wasn’t.
As I waited for hours and hours, I was beginning to think about my grandmother and why would my godmother call me, out of all people, asking where she could have been. I started to think of the worst possible situation. My grandmother was a sweet lady and never did any harm to anyone. Standing at fifty five years old with three adult daughters, my grandmother looked like she was in her thirty’s. She was in my life all of my life; took care of me as a grandchild that she loved. When I went to see her, I never wanted to leave; that’s how close we were. No one could separate us; our grandmother-grandchild relationship.
A sudden noise outside scared me out of my thoughts. I heard someone pull into the driveway. I hear the screen door open, the keys rattling, and the front door became unlocked, footsteps