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The Other Wes Moore In this essay I will be introducing one of the books I had recently read, which is called the Other Wes Moore. The author as well as the narrator of the book, which discusses his life and the “Other” Wes Moore and how the decisions they made, changed their future. “This book is meant to show how, for those of us who live in the most precarious places in this country; our destinies can be determined by a single stumble down the wrong path, or a tentative stop down the right one.” – Moore. During his early teenage years, he was a failing student living in the Bronx and could have easily become like the Other Wes. However, the fact that his mother sent him off to Valley Forge Military Academy might have been what changed this. After Valley Forge, Wes became very successful-especially when you look at where he came from. One of his achievements was the fact that he became a
Rhodes Scholar. The Other Wes Moore was born in the same streets as author
Wes Moore, and raised in similar circumstances; the other Wes Moore's decision making played a major role in how their two stories ended up differing. Currently, he is in prison serving a life sentence for his involvement in a robbery which ended up with the murder of a policeman.

In final consideration, Moore’s reason for writing was fascinating, but his perception and metaphorical illustration of the two stories was altered by his desire to find abundant similarities between his past and the past of the other
Wes Moore. Furthermore, his language was not suited for captivation of a young audience. Moore did not analyze his thesis at all. He wanted to explore what factors led he and the other Wes Moore to lead such contradictory lives. The only example of his