The Outdoor Experience Essay

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The Outdoor Experience

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Introduction Consumers flock to their favorite brands for many different reasons. They may be attracted to the brand by the way it looks, taste, smell, price or service rendered by the company. Company’s appeals to the consumer by providing a quality product that will make consumers want to attain the product consistently. Almost every product out there has at least two competitors, is successful with various age groups, and three reasons will be discussed on why the product is successful compared to similar brands. The product chosen for this paper is Merrelle’s shoes.
Selected Product/a Quick Overview Merrelle’s shoes started in 1981 by gentleman by the name of Randy Merrelle. He designed a comfortable pair of hiking boots that can last in all types of inclement weather. Boots were just the beginning now the company sells shoes and apparel. They also teamed up with National Park Service to educate the public on conservation and stewardship.
Target Population Conservation and stewardship are important to the company because they believe everyone should respect the environment as their enjoying the great outdoors on a personal idea level. It could be anywhere from taking “the dog for a walk or rock climbing” (IEG, LLC, 2012). This why their target population is just not a particular age group, gender or ethnic group but rather to all people of all ages. As long as people’s feet are comfortable and not hurting after enjoying their outdoor experience the targeted audience has been reached, and positive word-of-mouth will attract more people of various ages.
Three Reason to Purchase this Product Versus Competitors. Word-of-mouth is how I was captivated on purchasing Merrelle’s. The first time I saw them I inquired to lady who was wearing them. She carried on how comfortable they were and that her feet no longer hurt. Anyways, I went to the local show store a bought a pair and have been wearing them ever since because Nike and Reebok were constantly hurting my feet. With research Merrelle’s offer more in wide than, Nike and Reebok does. Plus their wide shoes According to Best Boots, Shoes and Sneakers Reviews “make use of flat, wide fitting and low-heeled shoes” (Mahadik, 2014, para. 25), to prevent or ease the pain bunions can cause. Best Boots, Shoes and Sneakers Reviews did not recommend Nike or Reebok to prevent bunions. So there is another plus in purchasing the brand being discussed. Since buying Merrelle by feet, do not hurt anymore. A second reason to purchase a pair of Merrelle’s running shoes is because of the durability. The running shoes “have all of the specs that you would demand from a good minimalist running shoe. They have a nice sized toe box, they are light and flexible, the sole is thin but durable, and there is no unnecessary arch or heel support” (Patterson, 2011, para. 5). From experience they are durable. I brought my first pair when deployed in 2007. I ran with them on feet in the humidity of Mississippi and the dry desert heat in Kuwait. After nine and half months they still look new as if I just opened up the box. Compared to Nike and Rebook my shipmates were buying shoes half-way through deployment and they also complained of odor too. Odor