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The Last Dance The space shuttle Endeavour , placed on top of a modified 747, caught millions attention on a pre-retirement tour of the Golden State on Friday, bringing an end to NASA's space shuttle program. Endeavour flew as low as 1,500 feet. Many people watched from their televisions. Although thousands of other people grabbed their cameras and phones to watch it fly over Los Angeles. The 105 freeway near Los Angeles International Airport was closed down because there was a lot of spectators who stopped during traffic to look and take pictures. After taking off from Edwards Air Force Base on Friday morning, Endeavour went north to the state capitol in Sacramento. It then went south crossing the Monterey Peninsula to Los Angeles. For an hour Endeavour seemed to be everywhere at once. It was seen flying by the Griffith Observatory, the Hollywood sign, the Getty center, the Queen Mary, and Disneyland. It slowly flew past NASA's facilities and factories where it was designed, built, and assembled. In Downtown Los Angeles, City Council members canceled their meetings to watch the shuttle glide over city hall. The 27th floor observation deck was filled. At the Griffith Observatory, hundreds of people competed for the best photo spots before the sun rose. The parking lot was filled to overflowing more than three hours before Endeavour's arrival. Some people thought Endeavour's arrival was a sad moment, a finial goodbye to a shuttle program they believed ended to early. At the Proud Bird restaurant at LAX, Ron Wade drove 1,400 miles from Wichita, Kan., to watch the homecoming. Ron had worked on the shuttle as a high school senior, part of a vocational training program at Rockwell International. At Disneyland people gathered by the entrance to take videos and pictures. A two