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English homework task- DALLY
Society thought of dally as a delinquent, but he indeed had redeeming qualities. It is certainly true that dally was violent to people and the community but on the other hand, he showed loyalty, helpfulness and kindness to his gang and most importantly, his community.
Dally is a delinquent which means someone who breaks the law and doesn’t care about the rules. In the novel, ‘THE OUTSIDERS’, Dally displays this character. “In New York, dally blew off steam in gang fights but organised gangs are rarities”. They have a file on him, down at the police station. He had been arrested, got drunk, he rode in rodeos, lied, stole, cheated, rolled, drunk and jumped small- he did everything bad. This quote shows us what a delinquent he was. When dally visited the shop, all he would do was steal. “Dally just walked out with two packages of kools under his jacket”.
On the other hand, dally was a caring, thoughtful and kind person. He cares about Johnny too much that he pretends to be his brother. He didn’t want Johnny to get caught for murdering Bob the soc, so he told him, “You don’t know what jail can do to you”. Here, dally was telling Johnny this because he has been arrested before and gone to jail, therefore he was trying to tell Johnny the hardships that he will face in that period. Another thing that displays his courage was when Johnny was on his death bed. As his face was cracked with tears, he said, “oh dammit Johnny, don’t die, please don’t