The Outsiders Essay

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The Outsiders New Chapter

Period: 9-10
Language Arts

Chapter 13
“After 10 Years it seems like I’m still so young”, Ponyboy thought to himself. He was 24 now. He was however still the youngest of the gang. The gang was now older. It consisted of Ponyboy, Darry, Sodapop, Two-Bit, and Steve. So now it was them. Sitting in his house, Pony was wondering what could he do now? He lived all alone in his little two-story house on the East side. Being a Greaser all his life gave him strength he never knew he had. When Johnny died 10 years ago, Pony would never be the same. Johnny had been a close friend of his. Then when Dally had snapped, Pony had never thought of Dally as a friend before. But now Steve? Pony never liked Steve Randle. Pony sat wondering. There was only one person he really knew in town and that was Steve. Randy and Cherry had moved on with their lives. They were in college now. Darry had married a girl named Sarah. They lived in New York now. Pony had moved on from Sandy and was now working at a gas station in New Jersey. Pony wondered where he would meet a nice girl that didn’t cuss and smoke all the time. Suddenly, there was a knock at his door. “Who is it?”, Pony yelled. No answer. His door didn’t have a peephole so he opened it. He was on the ground within seconds. “Alright Grease, keep your mouth shut”, the unknown man said. Then everything went dark. When Pony woke up, he had no idea where he was. It was quiet. He realized he had a bag on his head and a gag in his mouth. He knew what this was. The Socs had come for revenge. After ten years, they still wanted revenge. Bob was dead and gone, yet they still admired him. Pony suddenly felt the bag taken off and the gag was out of his mouth. “Alright Grease, shut up and get up”, the Soc commanded. Pony stood up. He went to attack the Soc and felt a sharp pain in his arm. He looked and saw a blade in it. It was through and through. Pain. Blood. Pony’s vision blurred and he knew he was losing blood. This Soc was serious. “Aye Grease, you like that?”, the Soc said sarcastically. Pony went back ten years. Back to the movie theater. He wished the gang was here now. He felt alone and scared. Like a lost puppy. He held in tears. He realized he was going to die. “Why?”, Pony said weakly. He was dizzy now. Stumbling around. The Soc gave him a look of hate and sorrow. “Ten years ago, my buddy, Bob was killed by a greaser. I despise all of you pieces of trash now. I promised Bob that I would avenge him if he was ever killed. Well, when that ugly grease died in the hospital…”. That was all he got to say. It was too much for Pony. He snapped. Pony pulled the blade out and stabbed the Soc. He heard sirens in the distance. The fuzz was coming. “Who are you!?”, Pony screamed in the dying