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Year 8 Science Cells
Use the following link to answer the questions and fill in the gaps below. Animal Cells
Is this cell a Prokaryote or a Eukaryote cell? (Eukaryotoe cell)

All animal cells are made up of many cells Some animals, like humans, have trliions of cells, while others, like bacteria are made of just cell.
Cells are like little societies in which each orginal performs a Differnet job.

Complete the following table Organelle | What its known as | What its role within the cell is | Eg . Cytoplasm | ‘Where the action happens’ | It maintains the internal pressure of the cell. All organelles are suspended within the cytoplasm | Plasma membrane | Doorman | It lets different molecules pass in and out of the cell. | Ribosomes | Small factories | Ribosomes can be found on the endoplasmic reticulum or floating throughout the cytoplasm. They follow instructions from the nucleus and create proteins that the cell needs. | Mitochondria | Power plant | Mitochondria are like the power plants of the cell. They produce an energy-rich molecule called ATP, which fuels most of the action in the cell. | Nucleus | The mayor | Like a mayor, the nucleus directs much of the activity in the cell. (DNA), which dictate which proteins the cell produces. Every cell in an animal holds a complete set of genes in its nucleus. | Golgi apparatus | Packaging plant | Like a packaging plant, one of the golgi apparatus’ main jobs is grouping items in vesicles (packets). Different molecules get different kinds of packaging so the knoews what they are. | Cytoplasm | Where the action happens | Cytoplasm is the fluid that fills a cell. All of the organelles in a cell are suspended in cytoplasm. | Lysosomes & peroxisomes | Recycling station | What’s a cell to do with all of its waste materials? Why, send them to the lysosmoes and peroxisdomes, of courses. |

Play the game and attempt the quiz What was your quiz score? Great job.
Plant Cells

Like animals, all plants are made of cells.
Because of their many similarities, animal cells and plant cells are all classified as cell stub plant cells from animal cells in several kinds of ways

Complete the table adding in the organelles that did not appear in the animal cell.

Organelle | What its known as | What its role within the cell is | Eg.