The Outsiders Character Analysis

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Humanity has always had a bit of pride and ego in their abilities. We love to look at ourselves as the mighty warriors who survived these harsh earths, a guiding savior to the savages, and the brave explorers of the world. While we don’t see these inner traits in the mirror they can be shown and explored from our arts, books, and media. We are fascinated by the hero that can survive it all, change the world, or the simple image of humanity standing resolute and together watching the ruined world around us, injured, but alive. In a movie like 2012 we follow in rapture as the main characters sweeps and swoops through falling buildings and crashing skies. Jackson Curtis is an average man with a family, looking to find the Arks that will save Mankind. No matter what comes in his way we can watch him do his best, and looking at the end in the face and get through it all. However more than him, is the Arks themselves. They represent humanities steadfast will to keep steady sail through any storm. Through all the terrors of the world giving up on itself, and the
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Several students, civilians, and a homeless man come together trapped from the torrential rain and ice storms that are destroying the planet. It seems as if humanity might not make it, as those who go short distances or fly to help die within hours in the freezing cold. Our survivors bundle together, and representing people from different backgrounds huddle in human weakness as fate seems to come for them. In the end through, with enough will, and smarts humanity once again makes a comeback from the storm. The most powerful moment being when the single person on the rescue mission looks directly into the eye of the storm, man vs nature, humanity vs the very worst is felt for these few moments of calm, before the storm reminds us that no one is safe, and we must keep moving forward to