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The outsiders
Scene Re-write
When Ponyboy runs away from the house after Darry slapped him, he goes in search of Johnny since they were best buddies and so he thought to share that hurtful incident with him. And finally he finds Johnny and tells him what happened, Johnny tries comforting him by saying that Darry wouldn’t have done it intentionally and how much he loves his younger brother.
While all this, they walk into their local park, where only greasers go. But this time they see Socs coming up to them and they were the same Socs, who came up to Johnny and Ponyboy when they were hanging out with Cherry and Marcia. These girls were those Socs’ girlfriends. so now, in the park these Socs came up to Ponyboy and Johnny and thought it was time to take revenge, so as usual the Socs were trying to hit or almost trying to kill the greasers (Ponyboy & Johnny). And they did catch hold of Ponyboy and took his arm and twisted it and put his behind his back and now they caught his head and shoved it into the fountain, Ponyboy fought as far as he could, but he fell into a deep sleep as he felt dizzy and hardly could see anything. And as for Johnny, he killed a Soc named Bob; yes Johnny, that silent boy and the pet of the gang.
Johnny lightly sprinkled few drops of water on Ponyboy’s face and Ponyboy woke up with fright. And he asked Johnny for where were the other Socs and Johnny replied by telling him that he killed Bob and the other Socs ran away. Ponyboy sat there with astonishment, as even he couldn’t believe that Johnny ‘killed’ Bob. And this wasn’t going to end here, they had to face their world, what would they tell to Darry?! And the rest of the gang! So now here it comes, they were now currently walking to Ponyboy’s house to face Darry, first.
Here it comes, they thought. Currently they were knocking on the Curtis’s door and Darry opens the door and looks at Ponyboy with an apologetic look on his face, for what he has done previously and realized that he had over-reacted for such a small thing. And now it was the time to speak out what they’ve done, they thought. Ponyboy started saying what happened earlier that night when they were at the movies, and how Dally was being rude to