The Outsiders Theme Essay

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The theme for the story of The Outsiders is that friendship is temporary, brotherhood is forever. The Greasers show this because they stick with one another, protect each other, and open their homes to each other.
The first way that this theme is shown is by the Greasers helping each other out. For example, when johnny was jumped, the gang saw his jacket covered in blood and rushed to help him. “He looked up and across the field with a stricken expression on his face. I think we all heard the low moan and saw the dark motionless hump on the other side of the lot at the same time. Soda reached him first. Johnny was lying face down on the ground. Soda turned him over gently, and I nearly got sick. Someone had beaten him badly” (Hinton 32). This quote is of when Johnny got jumped and nearly beaten to death. When the gang saw that he was in trouble and seriously injured, they ran as fast as they could to get to him, especially Soda because he was the first one to Johnny and Ponyboy says that he is the best runner because of his track experience.
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For example, Darry leaves their house unlocked so than anyone from their gang can sleep there if they are having some troubles at home. “We always just stick our heads into each other’s houses and holler ‘hey’ and walk in. Our front door is always unlocked in case one of the boys is hacked off at his parents and needs a place to lay over and cool off” (105). In this quote, Ponyboy describes how open the gang is with their homes towards each other. Even with the risk of burglars in the east side, they take that risk to help out their gang.

In this essay, I have described how the theme of friendship is temporary, brotherhood is forever in The Outsiders by describing how the gang stick with each other, protect each other, and open their homes to each other. Even through their hard times, the Greasers still stick together as brothers, even though they are not blood