The Pacific Rim S Hidden Gem S Essay

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The Pacific Rim’s
Hidden Gem’s
Tommy Lynch

Pacific Rim
• Geographic area that includes:
• Western North America
• Western South America
• Northeast Australia
• Eastern Asia
• Oceania
• As well as the Islands of the Pacific (Fiji, Guam, New Zeland)

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim
• The pacific Rim is an area experiencing major economic growth
• Countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan, and south Korea have been experiencing a period of modernization and economic growth
• Other countries like the Philippines and Malaysia are also beginning to modernize Pacific Rim
• On a Global level, the Pacific Rim is a crucial region for international and regional trade
• The exchange of raw materials and finished goods is the main source of income between China, Japan, Australia and the United States

“Economic Tigers”
• Symbolized by aggressive expansion and growth In their economies
• South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong have all been dubbed
“Economic Tigers”
• South Korea has emerged as an Automobile manufacturing power
• Taiwan has emerged as a major Textile and entrepreneurial power
• Singapore has developed into an “entrepot” or free port for the transshipment of goods
• Hong Kong since becoming part of China has remained one of the wealthiest countries in the world in terms of GNP per capita

• APEC or “Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation” is to similar to NAFTA
(North American Free Trade agreement)
• Composed of 18 countries
• Responsible for producing 80% of the worlds Computer and High Tech components • Created in 1989 to promote free trade and economic integration between APEC nations

APEC nations
• Brunei
• Canada
• Chile
• China
• Indonesia
• Japan
• Malaysia
• Mexico
• New Zealand
• Papua New Guinea
• Philippines
• Singapore
• South Korea
• Taiwan
• Thailand
• United States

History & Geography of the Region
• The Pacific Rim encompasses many different geographic regions
• Containing both tropical, and polar climates
• Contains numerous developing nations, as well as many third-world countries and but also world super powers
• It also contains some of the wealthiest and poorest nations in the world Pacific Rim and Surfing
• A major part of the Pacific Rim’s culture is surfing
• Home to some of the best waves in the world, surfing is a major part of local Culture and economics
• Surfing in the Pacific Rim has promoted tourism and as a result has helped promote economic growth in areas otherwise economically insufficient Pacific Rim Breaks
• Pipeline / Backdoor North Shore O’ahu, Hawaii
• Teahupo’o, Tahiti, French Polynesia
• Cloudbreak, Fiji
• Mavericks, California
• Lower Trestles, California
• Jaws, North Shore, Hawaii
• Gold Coast, Australia
• Bali, Indonesia

Banzai Pipeline/Backdoor
• Located at Sunset Beach Park on the North Shore of Hawaii
• Reef break
• Most popular “Surf Spot” in the world

Gold Coast, Australia
• Located on the North-East Coast of Australia in Queensland
• Offers many different types of waves
• Crucial part of coastal Australia's economy

Trestles, California
• Located in San Onofre State Beach, California
• Accessible only by foot
• Offers a variety of different types of waves depending on the season

Teahupo’o, Tahiti
• Village in South-West Tahiti
• Home of Billabong Pro Tahiti
• Know for heavy (thick-walled waves) that break on a shallow reef
• Teahupo'o relies mainly on tourism and surfing as a means of income Surfonomics
• “Fashionable” term used to describe the analysis of a surfing spots economic value and its economic effect on a local community
• Demonstrates the economic value surf brings to local communities
• Perfect coastline and quality waves have a huge social and economic value • A value that is often underestimated by political leaders and businesspeople Surfonomics
• A study conducted by Duke University found the following:
• 3.3 million people surfed 100+ times in 2013
• Contributed $2 billion annually to the