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DFAGAGVHDSJ,bfsdGBEAkbdnalk?cmlm lkj;bfjdaK;FBE Qk;jba s akfbndalNFEL;fnsbal/ fea;BFDA;lkfbkjThree black boys grew up in the ghetto neighborhoods of Newark, New Jersey. Those streets were highly influenced by gang activity, drugs and poverty. Due to the conditions that stood before the young boys, they were forced to look to their grimy environment for guidance. George, Rameck and Sam met at University High School, a high school for the gifted children in Newark. While they all were smart, none of them worked to their full potential. They tried to keep one foot in their old neighborhoods and one foot inside the schools. After two of them went to juvenile jail and the other was tired of dealing with the neighborhood kids, the three became friends.

As friends they went to a college seminar that was there to encourage black teen to join the medical field. George had always had a dream of becoming a Dentist and he was able to talk his two best friends Rameck and Sam into going to the college with him. Sam was really unsure that he wanted to be a doctor, but he just agreed anyway because he knew he wanted to make something of himself and this seemed like a good way to do just that. They went to Seton Hall together and Sam and Rameck were slightly separated from George because he was highly interested in becoming a Dentist and the other two were uncertain.

After graduating from Seton Hall in the top of their class, they had to split up. They had to separate because George had to go school for dentistry and the others had to go to medical school. This change in situation really tried George. Forced him too see that he had to survive by himself without the two guy he had used to lean on for the past eight years. Rameck and Sam got to go to medical school