the pardoners tale Essay

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I love daisy. She is my strength and desire. She's kind hearted and loves very much. Sheath a grenade for me. She'd throw her head in front of a plane for me. She'd jump in front of a train for me, she'd do anything for me. She loves me more then herself. Daisy is a wonderful creature. She follows all my rules and listens exceptionally well. She's the perfect creation of god. She loves to play with my two cats. She also enjoys spending time with the two other larger dogs who are also sweethearts. They love to run around and chase each other in the yard. Daisy is also an extremely exceptional guard dog. She has a very high pitched bark that anyone could hear from a mile a way! It is truly incredible how much dogs love there masters. They are truly man's best friend.
Spending time with my dog daisy is also a great way to escape reality. When I'm alone with my dog I'm stress free. I'm worry free and most of all I'm happy. Daisy is the best thing that ever happened to me. Without get I don't know how'd I get though the stressful reality that we call life. It would just be impossible.
Earth would be at world peace if we had the hearts dogs have. Dogs look at there masters as god. A good master feeds and gives his dog water. That's all a dog ask for, if you provide that they will love you till there last breath. I love you. You love me. We're one great big happy family. With a great big hug and a kiss from ne to you. Lets just all love each other too.
God is great.…