The Partnership Paradox By Joe Palca And Flora Lichtman

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In the story, “The Partnership Paradox” written by Joe Palca and Flora Lichtman talks about how the love of your life can also be the one who drives you up the wall. Both men and woman can agree that they are madly in love with their partners yet they still do things that no one else could to bother the heck out of you. It’s actually amazing how a good quality can turn into a bad one, even if it’s a quality that made you attracted to them in the first place. A few examples of how things change is usually because of perspective. For example, in the story it says, “people who are nice and agreeable can be seen as passive over time, someone strong-willed can appear stubborn and unreasonable and the physically attractive person can become high-maintenance” (2012, January/February). These are just a few of the things that can change in a relationship. I personally can relate to this because when I first started dating my boyfriend I enjoyed how he was always great at making decisions, having strong opinions and strong-willed but two years later I am usually telling him to stop being so controlling! A fatal attraction is an attraction between an individual and someone that is so strong, the individual lacks reason and logic in their thinking when dealing with their attraction. There is usually negative impact on the individual with these attractions. The four social allergens are uncouth habits, inconsiderate acts, and Intrusive behavior and norm violations. Livings with someone over a long period of time can cause these allergens to be a problem. When you are with someone for a long period of time you feel as if you don’t need to impress them as much and I can definitely relate to that. Men and woman are different when it comes to social allergens. It says, “Men tend to see woman as