the passion behind art Essay

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Art is a great passion of mine, simply because so many things if not anything have the ability to be Art. Music, Painting, Sculpting, Cooking, Writing etc., are all considered Art. Our world is made up of Art; it remains constant in our everyday lives. An intriguing thing about Art is that it can be perceived in so many different ways. A good artist has the ability to make you feel or think a specific way whenever you read, observe, or listen to their artwork. With any piece of art that is created there are going to be thousands upon thousands of people that see a different meaning in the art work prevailed. I feel that Art is a love that not everyone shares but that everyone should respect. When an artist puts a piece of work out to the public they aren’t only showcasing their hard work but a part of themselves. Showing a part of you to the world that you know not everyone will understand is terrifying. Art comes from feelings and feelings deserve to be respected. It’s no different from when you tell a little white lie or you simply keep quiet to spare a friend or spouses’ feelings when asked your opinion on something that you don’t really like. Art is everywhere; it’s in advertisements, the food you eat, the books that you read, shows that you watch, music that you listen to, everything. There is art in the billboards that make you want to go eat at specific restaurant, and in the food that you eat at that restaurant. Where ever you look you see a person’s…