Essay on The Past from the Cold-Blooded Forest

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Tyler Andrew
Professor Sandler
September 26, 2014
English 1302 F
The Past from the Cold-Blooded Forest

Deep in the forest of Tamriel was once lived a small village of wood elves, very harmless people and very excellent hunters and warriors behind any wooden bow. I was only a child when everything and everyone lived peaceful, I go by the name Aerosong, and my mother is an alchemist which is a person who gathers ingredients from plants and makes potions, and my father is the leader of my village, he was a great warrior. Throughout my childish years, I had a best friend named Lucien, we were so inseparable we would go on adventures, fight imaginary dragons, and play with the fairies after dark. Soon all those happy memories were just only a memory and nothing more.
It was a harsh winter one year, the clouds were painted with any shade of dark grey and the weather was freezing. Lucien’s parents were blacksmiths and they make swords for the city of Cyrodiil the home for trading. They were on their way to Cyrodiil, they were murdered, and rumor has it that they had been ambushed by bandits or mauled by Harpies very ferocious creatures. Lucien was on their travels, the worst rumor is that Lucien killed his parents he was only 12 at the time, still innocent. It’s still unknown today how they died, but this isn’t a story about them, it’s about what Lucien has done to me.
Couple of years later, Lucien and I become to grow distant, he hardly spoke a word after the tragedy of his parents. He became no longer himself and hiding himself from the world. One day I strolled to his house, I became worried about him. Once I got to his house, outside I could hear battle cries and actually crying. I barged through the door and I see him holding his great-grandfather’s hand-crafted sword it was passed down through many generations. Lucien was obsessed on who killed his parents. I quickly asked, “Lucien, I am worried about you, do you care to walk with me?” He nodded. As we left I led him to my father. I had the only solution I had in mind since Lucien had no one else to turn to. Once we arrived to the training grounds, Lucien looked at me with confusion he asked, “Why did you bring me here?” I replied, “It’s the only way to get through your grief, I believe you can become a great warrior and hunter.” I was such a fool. Lucien looked down calmly said, “Hantanyel.” Which means thank you in our language.
Months passed, and Lucien and I never crossed paths again, Lucien became so obsessed in training it made him mad, one of the hunters were taunting him about his late parents telling him that his mother bed everyone in the village and his father was a worthless blacksmith. Lucien tried to ignore it, but couldn’t he raised his bow aimed it at the hunter and shot him right through the chest. Lucien snapped and my father ran to him try to take him down, I heard all the screaming and shouting I ran towards it as fast as I could. Lucien was hovered over my father and I see an arrow pierced through his heart. I screamed as my father is having his dying breath. Lucien turns to me not even recognizable and whispers in my ear, “This is my true fate. This is who I am. And I’m never coming back. Send my condolences to your mother.” I never saw him again after that.
Ten years later, after my father died there was no one to lead us so everyone in the village went their separate ways. My mother and I moved to Bloodstone a town that was so industrialized with black skies filled with pollution. We had our very own shop for alchemy ingredients, life was hard and I had filled my heart with a fire for revenge I still remembered my father trained me to become a warrior like him and I still train my best when I have the free time, while my mother was still grieving. So I had to run the shop myself it was never enough to support us. As I went outside the King of Tamriel had enter Bloodstone. I began to bow like everyone else and I looked up at the knights and