Narrative Essay On Division 1 Baseball

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Division 1 Baseball
It was just another day of baseball. I had never really pitched in front of college coaches. I had never seen how hard I throw. I never even really considered playing division one baseball. Football had always been my favorite sport and I never thought I’d be good enough to play at the next level. This was an all-new experience for me playing in front of fifty college coaches, so many colleges showing interest in my playing abilities. Playing baseball all over from Seattle to Arizona and enjoying every moment of it. Going and visiting San Jose State and signing those commitment papers. This was the summer before my junior year. I came out ready to play another day of baseball. Didn’t really expect a whole lot to happen thought maybe a couple small colleges would come talk to me, send me some emails, and want to see me some more. I was the fifth pitcher to throw, the guys throwing before me didn’t really get many looks from the top colleges there. I came started doing my warm up pitches, noticed I was starting to raise some eyebrows, coaches started to stand up to really pay attention. The first batter came up I got ready to send in the first, he swung and didn’t touch it threw two more pitches just like it and I had stuck him out. The next fifteen batters went by like a flash, only one of the batters even placed a ball in play. I had fourteen strike outs with ease and one choppy ground out to second base. I had felt amazing, every pitch had ridiculous movement. My fast ball was tailing in making batters swing and miss , my curve ball had the batters knees buckling thinking it was coming at them and then it would drop in for a strike, slider that looked like they were straight down the middle and they would end up out of the zone making batters look awful . None of the batters had a chance I was on point every pitch working perfectly. I came off the field to go see the whole family who had come out to watch. The first person I talked to was my dad. He was ecstatic, this was the first time Id pitched in front of a radar gun and I had thrown 90 miles an hour. I barley had enough time to say high to everyone when college coaches immediately came over and started talking to me. I had been talking to coaches for at least half an hour. There wasn’t a single division one coach that didn’t come tell me they would put and offer together for me and call to arrange a visit. U.C. Irvine, San Diego state, Cal State Northridge and so many others wanted me. I was in disbelief. That was the first time I knew that football was no longer going to be my main sport, baseball was going to take over. I was going to have to start playing year round to prepare and get myself the best I could before college. Baseball was going to pay for my education. Before this I was just going to go to a local junior college maybe try out for the team and hope for the best, and end up transferring to a local university with no intentions of playing a sport. When I finally got back to my family they were so happy my mom was at the point of tears. I went around and hugged everyone took pictures and just tried to enjoy the moment.
The head of the show case Coach Trosky had approached me and wanted me to play on his scout team for the summer. At first I didn’t know what to think, was this team any good? Would I be playing in front of college coaches when I pitched? Then my dad began to research the team, they were one of the best in California. I knew this was definitely a team I wanted to play for one I would’ve hoped to play in the past. So I began to travel all over playing with some of the best up and coming high school players in California. Every pitcher on the team threw high 80’s to low 90’s. My first game with Trosky baseball was in Arizona I traveled to play in a tournament against scout teams much like the one I was on, a few even better. Some of the guys I was throwing against were projected to get picked in the first round of the