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The Pathway Towards Success
Jenna Earley
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The purpose of this essay is to provide examples and personal insight regarding the definition of the term “success”. These objectives were achieved by researching the many ways people define success. Through further research, it is evident that there are no right or wrong definitions for this term; everyone has their own way of interpreting success. This research may or may not influence public attitudes because there will be some who agree and some who disagree. However, it can illuminate the issue of success being distinguished in one particular way. Once society realizes that they must determine their success according to their individual attributes and not those of mainstream epitomes, their values in life will forever change.

THE PATHWAY Do you ever glance at someone and assume that they have their whole life figured out? Is it that they are always overjoyed with their career and compassionate towards their family and friends that makes us perceive them to be successful? The real question is how they became so successful and happy with their life, and what steps they took to get there. In order to have a completely successful life; one must complete the journey of finding peace of mind, love, and personal fulfillment.
Peace of Mind
No one can truly consider themselves successful if they lack peace of mind. Peace of mind is the absence of mental stress and anxiety giving one the freedom from fear, worry, anger, and guilt. Depending upon the person, people discover peace of mind in many different ways; however, it may not always be worthwhile. People who seek peace of mind in a positive way look towards their faith, money, relationships, and sometimes work. In contrast, there are also people who settle with gambling or drugs by choice and because no other approach would work. Similar to others, I tend to find peace of mind by staying busy and active by working, cleaning, or going for a jog. Without peace of mind, life would be extremely stressful and unproductive.
Love and Praise
It is true; being successful is a wonderful feeling. However, it is no fun unless you have people to share it with. Whether it is accomplishing some sort of goal or kicking a bad habit, celebrating by along can be a very hollow feeling. Not only is being praised and glorified by others necessary to attain success, but it can also help a person continue to be successful. When a person has unconditional love and support from others, they will continue to make bountiful efforts just to prove their worthiness. Support can be shown from a spouse, parents, children, friends or other family members. Today, the choices I have made for my future are a direct reflection of the support I have received from my family. Having positive influences and people who inspire and want the best for you will without a doubt be your guide towards success.