The Peaceful Wolf Essay

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The Peaceful Wolf One of my favorite poems is fable by the author Janos Pilinszky. I found this poem very interesting, because the author stepped out of the ordinary when he showed us the wolf as peaceful and friendly creature. This short poem talks about a lonely wolf that wants to have a family or a friend and it was sad because people did not accept the wolf. Thy misjudged it and killed it, because they assumed the wolf is dangerous for them. This poem has a great meaning when the author showed the wolf is oppressed and friendly contrary what people assume which is not basic all appearance thing as they are still something inside everyone we can’t show it.

The poem showed the wolf is oppressed animal, because all people believe and agree that wolves are dangerous and ugly, while the wolf in this poem is different, it was abandoned as the author mention in line three, and when we read line five we inference it is emotional and kind. And it just wants to be with others as one of the family as we felt in line eighth and ninth, but nobody felt for it or accepted it. People were the bad and dangerous character in the poem; they killed the wolf at the end of poem line 17.

The lesson what we learned from this poem is every thing in this life could be good or bad even for monsters. We shouldn’t judge others by their appearance or history or what we heard. Also we can’t know what inside them, so just should give them a chance to prove and show us a reality of them. Also we taught we couldn’t trust of our thinking and thought, because thought may be wrong sometimes; which leads to the oppression of others. Human not always good and peaceful, he also can be bad and dangerous more than wild animal and what happened during