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In Chapter 1 of The Pearl by John Steinbeck, we are introduced to Juana and Kino. We know that they’re a native Mexican family that’s poor. We also know that Kino has a song for every mood that he’s feeling. He does that to indicate his surroundings. When he was spending time with his family during breakfast time, he sang the song of happiness in his head. But then when the scorpion was approaching Coyotito, Kino sang the song of evil. Also in the first chapter were introduced to a Spaniard doctor. The doctor is rich and snotty. He thinks he sits on a thrown and no poor person is allowed to receive his help without a heavy price.
Due to the family’s crisis, which was the scenario when the scorpion stung the baby, the author demonstrates themes of good vs. evil and rich vs. poor when the family tries to get help from the Spaniard doctor. In the story the doctor says, “Have I nothing better to do then cure insect bites for ‘little Indians’? I am a doctor not a veterinary” (11). This quote shows the Spaniard doctor refusing to help the family because they’re poor and also relating to them as animals. This relates to the theme of good vs. evil and good vs. poor because the doctor decides to treat the family different because their poor. The doctor considers the family unworthy of his treatment because he’s better than them. Another scene relating to the themes of good vs. evil and rich vs. poor is when the servant said “The doctor has gone out, he was caused to a serious