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Theme Summative on Pedestrian This story is based on a future that could happen because we are allowing technology to advance to the point where it takes over jobs and does too much work for us and turns the human race into even more lazy people than we are now. A world where everyone does the same thing every day all day like a bunch of mindless zombies. In a world where taking a walk at midnight or so is considered completely out of the normal because they want to get some air and people who do are judged harshly and were thought as criminals because they do it.
From his point of view what he did and because he did it seems completely reasonable he decides to take a walk at night and realizes how much technology is starting to control us he knows this but for some reason no one else thinks the way he thinks and with every house he passes he looks inside and sees the same thing, people sitting there, watching the tv with there family. By the way he talks when he passes each house you can assume he thinks they are all a bunch of mindless zombies conforming to the ways of society or the “norms”. Without ever questioning it just going along, going through the motions. Maybe thats how some of us act today and he is just predicting what our future will hold if we keep acting this way but he does his daily walk that he has done for “every night for years” it maybe the only thing keeping him from being like all the other people the only thing making him him. Also with robots taking over jobs people are gonna forget how to drive and such with all that robots do for us “As he passed the front window of the police car he looked in. As he expected there was no one in the front seat of the car as usual .” A cold metallic voice called to him:”Stand still. Stay where you are! Don’t move!” He halted “Hands your hands up or we’ll shoot!” Police brutality none the less and even though in this future the crime rate has been going down drastically to a point where “the force had been cut down from 3 cars to one” So yes crime IS a bad thing and YES it is good that it had been cut down that much but it also helps prove the point that with everyone following along like a bunch of mindless zombies conforming to the “norms’ of society. it makes it hard to break from the norms and be your own person even if it is breaking the law committing crimes that are bad and dangerous it lets people be the free spirit that we need to be in