The Pedestrian Ray Bradbury Summary

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Recently, I read a short story, called ‘The Pedestrian’ by Ray Bradbury. While reading this story, I realised that the society within was totally controlled by technology. This made me think about how it relates to the real world, and how increased use of technology is affecting us. From this, I decided to investigate this topic and find out the answers to my question. In order to do this, I broke my main question into three different ones: What effects does technology have on society? How fast is technology advancing? And is technology affecting the way we think? I expect that after researching I will find that technology is affecting us. My first question is, what effects does technology have on society? I wanted to know in what exact ways, …show more content…
I found this site reliable, as it was written by a professor of philosophy of technology. It also had many viewpoints, therefore it was unbiased. In the article, it mentioned Steven Levy who describes in his book ‘Hackers: Heroes of the computer Revolution’, “Hacker ethic”. This includes the idea that “Computers should be freely accessible and decentralised in order to facilitate world improvement and social justice.” However as mentioned in my previous resource, others would have an opposing opinion on this, as they want their privacy. The site then went on to say that, many news stories “claim a cause and effect relationship between violence in computer games and real violence.” An opinion to counteract this comes from Schulzke, who claims that the “actions in a virtual world are very different from actions in the real world,” and “though a player may ‘kill’ another player in a virtual world, that player is instantly back in the game and will almost certainly remain friends in the real world.” This shows the differing opinions on different topics. These were only some of the many opinions on the different