The Pelican Essay

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“The Pelican”
The pelican’s themes are of a single women following her passion with a young child to care for. The interesting thing in this story is the level of comedy in it. I think that Edith has an interesting tone about her. The story is long and wordy filled with a vocabulary that I am able to picture each scene of the story.
The first simile I saw was on page one. It reads “the least hint of the real thing clouded her lovely eye like the hovering shadow of an algebraic problem.” This quote is describing a lady who does not have a good sense of humor. Usually women were funny, social, and beautiful. “I don’t think nature had meant her to be intellectual.” She was more analytical of things and good at math which was different with how the woman was supposed to be. She was not like the average woman.
Her husband died of drinking and now she is left to care for her baby alone. This is a very hard struggle for anyone especially in this time period because there was no social security. She didn’t get money cause her husband died. She had to get the food and take care of the little baby. One of her aunts was a dean of a girl’s college. This shows that she grew up with a rich background. Her form of income was to give lectures. Without the death of her husband she never would have done the lectures. Another simile that enhanced the story was “Happily, at that time Greek art was still, if I may use the phrase, easily handled; it was as simple as walking down a…