The Persecution of Joan of Arc Essay

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Joan of Arc
It is the month of May 5, 1492; the French have been trying to drive the English out of France since 1337. The French and English are fighting to determine who is going to be the rightful ruler of France. Joan of Arc is going to be the new leader of the French to turn the tide of the Hundred Years’ War. Joan, seventeen year old peasant women, appeared at the court of Charles VII, the uncrowned ruler of France. Charles was going to test Joan to see if she knew who the true king was, and she did. Joan told Charles that she had been directed by God to save France. Anxious, Charles certified her to lead an army against the English.
To Charles amazement, Joan inspired the battered and despairing French troops to fight anew. Assembling the French troops, she flocked the English out of fortification after fortress, conclusively putting an end to the siege and earned herself admiration throughout France as the astounding "Maid of Orleans." When the French got to Orleans territory, something delayed their attack on the English. Joan didn’t like the idea of fighting the French. She didn’t believe in the fact of shedding blood. She also hesitated to attack the English. She wanted to give the English a chance to leave peacefully. The English did not leave peacefully. After successively beating the English again at the Battle of Patay, Joan took Charles to Reims, where he was formally crowned King Charles VII on July 17. On the way from Reims, Joan and the Duke of Alencon recommended that the French had better battle the English for Paris. After a capable first day of fighting with Paris, Charles titled off the attack on Paris. He called off the attack because he was running low on funds. He sent the army south and separated much of it. In return for Joan’s services for France, King Charles named Joan and her family the dignitary of France. Continuing to fight for Charles ways, Joan’s good fortune had turned into a bad fortune.
In May, in the year of 1430, while holding off Burgundian troops at the Battle of Compiegne so the French townsfolk could escape; Joan was caught by John of Luxembourg. Since Joan was such a rare and valued symbol to the French, the English and Burgundians knew murdering her instantly would source a horror and produce a martyr. In its place, they recruited the church to dishonor