The Persian Carpet Character Analysis

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The story, The Persian Carpet by Hanan Shaykh, is about two sisters and a relative of their father who go to see their mother in secret. Their parents had been recently divorced and their father had forbidden them from seeing their mother. When they get to their mother's new house, the narrator recognised the Persian carpet on the floor of her house. A couple of months before her parent's divorce, her mother had put the carpet on the roof in the sun. However, when she went up to retrieve it, it was missing. Her mother blamed Ilya, a nearly blind old man, of stealing the carpet. He presumably left the town after her mother wrongly accused him of the theft. In my considered response, I will explain the connection found between this story, and an event in the novel, The Kite Runner. Secondly, I will explain the symbolism I found in the story. Lastly, I will write about my own personal connection to this story. In the Kite Runner, Amir, the protagonist, feels like his life would be easier if Hassan, his servant, was gone. So, in order to get rid of Hassan, Amir puts some of his money and a watch he received on his birthday underneath Hassan's mattress, hoping that his father would force them to leave due to the "theft". When Amir's father confronts Hassan and his father, Hassan falsely …show more content…
This story explored feelings of love when the narrator felt love towards her mother when she first saw her, as well as feelings of betrayal when the narrator figured out the truth revolving around the events of the "stolen" Persian carpet. We will all feel these emotions towards one individual at some point of our lives, and as evidenced by my connections, we may either forgive these individuals or the feelings of betrayal and anger towards that individual may continue for the rest of our