The Persuasive Essay: The Murder Of O. J. Simpson

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Orenthal James Simpson formerly known as O.J. Simpson, or The Juice, was born 1947 in San Francisco, California. He became known as American football player. In college, he became a college football superstar at the University of Southern California. He then played for the NFL which gained him a tremendous amount of popularity. Aside from his football career, O.J was an actor and broadcaster. While being married to his first wife, Marguerite L. Whitley, Simpson met his future wife Nicole Brown; he and Brown married in 1985. The two then had two children together: Justin and Sydney. His wife Nicole was found murdered June 12th, 1994, in her condo located in Brentwood, California. Many may consider that O.J. was innocent when it came to his ex wife’s murder, but is he really that innocent? …show more content…
a hero and an amazing man. But behind closed doors how is he really like? Before her death, Nicole would tell her sister about her husband's abuse. Nicole would keep a diary that described everything Simpson would do to her: the hitting, the kicking, the fights. She even kept photos hidden of the injuries that she would acquire from O.J. After having enough of the abuse, Nicole then filed for divorce. That's when the situation took a turn, instead of being free from the abuse and torment she was still being tormented by O.J.. In the article, “Inside the Mind of O.J. Simpson” it claims, “ Nicole kept a diary, describing the anger, the hitting, the kicking, the fighting. She had photos of her injuries and she also had witnesses. When she filed for divorce, the stalking began. She wrote that she was extremely frightened that he would carry out his threats to kill her, and that he had become a monster. Yet, nothing was done and he continued to stalk and harass, wherever she went.” This direct quote supports my claim on how O.J.’s personality is different behind closed doors, he is manipulative and