Essay about The Philosophical Meaning of Life

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Plainly extended, the meaning of life is to survive and reproduce, period. This may seem like a simple statement, yet it contains the most profound philosophical implications on how one should mold his or her own reality. Every action, thought, ritual, and creed, in a sense, plays a part in sculpting the betterment of genetic proliferation chance. One fails to realize that he or she is a collection of genetic material, billions of years old, working symbiotically toward a final end... Nonthreatened immortality. A man endlessly sexually fantasizes about the next woman seen while she, in turn, will constantly ponder delivering precious and innocent children. It is no wonder these instincts are inherent. Whether consciously or subconsciously, this biological "drive" to duplicate one's DNA controls every single aspect of the human condition. EVERYTHING is rooted here whether we like it or not.

Faith, a program synchronized within all biodiversity, is a survival mechanism. Humans ignorantly strictly equate this quality in regard to rational and deductive cognitive processes expressed through invented metaphysical and religious claim. This code of thought, however, is fundamentally flawed. A tree, for example, has a will or "faith" that it will keep thriving or else there would be no need to. Sadly, this calculatory characteristic is not rooted in absolute certainty. Faith, or the "will to survive", does not ensure existence. More than 99 percent of all species on planet earth have become extinct regardless of what we call "faith". We are, indeed, a part of this web of life. Most humans have sacrificed their faith of living to the faith of a false idea...the idea of God. What seems funny is that the body has faith in surviving while the mind has faith in the bliss of death (i.e. meeting God and entering heaven). We, as a species, have become infected with many ruthless memes. God is viewed as a protector. God is viewed as a caregiver. God is viewed as loving. All of these attributes harmoniously coincide with keeping one aspired to staying alive. Therefore, this belief is used as a personal security blanket and motivational force in an otherwise cold universe.

Deceit is also a natural and often advantageous phenomenon. Stick bugs keep predators blindly at bay while chimpanzees manipulate their