The Philosophy Of Abortion

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Medical science knows that life begins at fertilization. After the new organism, the zygote is formed; nothing new is added to the baby except oxygen, nutrition, and time. The moment fertilization takes place; a soul has evolved a new life wanting to survive to be a part of this world has evolved.
Reverence for Life is a philosophy that says that the only thing we’re really sure of is that we live, and want to go on living. The right to life is the essential right for every being. Being is a state or quality of having existence, thus, the moment a zygote is formed in the womb of a woman, he begins his existence. He has the right to live.
Statistics say that there have been many children aborted for different reasons, but what we have to think about is, apart from all these reason a child is murdered even before it finds out what life is. There are no records of abortion been spoken about directly in the Holy Bible, but I believe that God respects the life he has created. And it is surely not for man to decide if bringing it in the world is right or wrong.
Abortion has been the most thought provoking problem ever known in relation to life and existence. Arguments against it will never end because even today, abortion is supported by many common people due to so many reasons that sometimes would let anyone think and believe that there is no other option than abortion. To mention some reasons are the following; being emotionally unprepared to enter parenthood ; a women don’t have partners to raise the child; when a young women in high school or college find themselves pregnant and must choose between continuing the education they need to survive economically or dropping out and to have a baby ; a women who is happily pregnant for the first time late in the reproductive years but discover in her late pregnancy (twenty-six or more weeks) that the fetus is so defective that it may not live or have a normal life when it is born. Worst are when pregnancies are results of rape or incest.
Only God is Lord of the life of a man who is not guilty of a crime punishable by death. The physician has no right to dispose either of the life of the child or of that of the mother and no-one on earth, no individual, no human authority, can give him the right to its destruction. His office is not to destroy life but to save it. In the course of the last few decades, the Church has found it necessary to proclaim repeatedly and in all clarity, these fundamental and immutable principles in opposition to certain opinions and methods
II) What are the Catholic Principles of Morality in regard to abortion?
a) FIRST PRINCIPLE: "Any direct attempt on an innocent