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There were a couple very interesting things about the novel The Pianist by Wladyslaw Szpilman that I found amusing. Many factors contributed to the amazing journey taken by Wladyslaw during his trek to safety during World War II. I find this novel recommendable because of the challenges, entertainment, and information given through the eyes of Wladyslaw. One of the reasons I found this book amusing was the outstanding challenges faced by Wladyslaw throughout the book. He has to deal with the pain of losing his family right in front of him. He also has to be constantly on the prowl from being spotted by the Nazi’s. Finding food for him isn’t the easiest thing either. With the city in complete wreckage, there was not much food left at all for Wladyslaw to find. His rations consisted of pickles and whatever leftovers he could find from the Jews which left in such a sudden moment. He was once so thirsty that he actually degraded himself to drink feces infested water. His shelter was wherever he was invisible from the Nazi’s so he ended up sleeping in pretty uncomfortable predicaments. With all this be said a person can really appreciate the arduous obstacles he had overcome in this time of chaos. Another element which made this book so appealing was the entertainment factor. In the book a person gets to share the sense of fear with Wladyslaw himself. As a person will zone out while reading this book they become one with Wladyslaw and almost feel as if they were in the situations with him. It is very intriguing to watch as he travels throughout poverty stricken warsaw trying to survive. He goes around every corner with a feeling of fear and suspense which makes this novel very interesting. The final reason why I find this book commendable is because of how