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The Piano Player Summary

Angela O’ Meara was a piano player who played in a cocktail lounge a place called the Warehouse Bar and Grill. The Piano Player takes place on a Friday night and a week away from Christmas. Angela loved playing the piano and learned at the very young age of four to play she never had a lesson and taught herself how to play. Angie as she was known by most people might have loved playing the piano but she suffered from a bad case of stage fright. She had learned many years ago though that the best cure for stage fright was Vodka at five fifteen every day she would to begin to swallow Vodka so that by the time she arrived at work around six o clock she would have the confidence to make her way over to the piano sit down and play. There were nights like that night that her Vodka did not have the same effect on her as it did before which was to make her happy and make everything feel pleasantly at a distance. Whenever she felt this way she made sure to keep a smile on her face and didn’t look at anyone except for Walter Dalton. Walter was also an alcoholic and his college had let him go he came into the bar every night that Angie played and at times he brought her gifts. Walter always handed his keys to Joe who would often drive him home because he was too drunk to drive himself. Another man in Angie’s life was Malcolm Moody he was the town’s first selectman and she had been in love with him for many years there relationship was a more of a secret although some people knew about it and others didn’t. Malcolm did not like Walter and referred to him as a fairy. Malcolm thought that Walter’s way of living was pathetic which at times got her to wondering if that’s what people thought of her relationship with Malcolm that it was pathetic. That night Angie enjoyed when the kitteridge’s stopped by usually they would not stop by the lounge and instead head straight for the dining…