The Picture of Dorian Gray and Handsome Man Dorian Essays

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Craig Dickson Essay 2 B2-1/XiYang Mao 22 may 2013

The Picture of Dorian Gray Who is Dorian Gray? He is a very handsome, sensitive and wealthy young gentleman. Because of the Lord Henry Wotton. Dorian becomes more concerned of his beauty and begins to pursue the whole things about him. He hopes that he will get more and more experiences, whether good or bad, moral or immoral. This is Dorian Gray, the main character of story. This is a classic of overconfident story. The handsome man Dorian Gray saw the portrait that a painter named Howard gave it to him about himself. The size is same as him. Then he thinks that he is very beautiful and handsome on that picture and Henry always praise him. He is beginning to think of his life. He was so sad, because he thought that he couldn’t be always staying young forever and keeping beauty. He would be getting old one day in the future. That’s why he got a dream “I wish that I could always stay young and that the portrait could grow old” which means he would be studying young forever and the portrait would be more and more older and ugly. Actually he is so lucky, his dream comes true, the portrait got old day by day and got more and more ugly. Also the portrait witnessed the process that Dorian changed, the natural smile