The Pier 39: A Short Story

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San Francisco was filled with polite and also rude people. People were mumbling to each other or on telephones. However, others were screaming across the ginormous crowds to their acquaintances. People were shuffling in and out of the cute little shops located at The Pier 39. I made my way into one of the tiny shops to glance at the apparel. When I peered out of the shop I caught sight of the seagulls perched up on the light poles. In the distance you could see the luminescent sign of the Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory.
As I passed through the door the aroma of the chocolate overwhelmed me. Shelves were covered with bags filled with specialty chocolates. The registers were making “Cha-Ching” noises throughout the whole store. As I tasted a sample, the milk chocolate bar liquefied in my mouth and quickly dissolved afterwards. You could gape at how they prepare the chocolate to be formed into the delicious chocolate squares that were perfectly wrapped and sold in the store. As I bought an immense bag of chocolates I got so electrified to be able to savor countless kinds of the specialty chocolates that Ghirardelli produce.
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I strolled down to the boat and purchased a ticket to be able to board the boat. The boat swished through the cool rough waters. I passed underneath the Golden Gate Bridge, which actually isn’t gold. The boat made it’s way underneath the famous bridge and as I peered up, all I saw was the bottom of cars with impatient drivers that were honking their horns like mad men. Off to the side, I noticed a secluded island. Later I realized that it was the island that had the Alcatraz Prison located on it. As we sailed past the creepy island there was a cool brisk wind that came upon us. The island had a gloomy and mysterious appearance. I could partially see into the abandoned cells that were as dark as the devil’s