The Pig in the Hole Essay

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Given Circumstances- As You Like It takes place in Ardennes, France. Blossum Sunrise plays her guitar and sings with Amiens and all her other musician friends in the forest of Arden. Blossum travels around and plays her music as much as possible. Relationships to Other Characters: Although Blossum enojys going around with Amiens and her other musician friends, she has always dreamed of making it big one day in the big kingdom outside of the forest as a solo artist. She writes her own songs when she can and hopes to perform them in front of the king one day. Blossum’s life-long friend in the forest would have to be Harold, her fellow musician. Imagination- All of Blossum’s friends are extremely zen-like ,however, Blossum is somewhat uptight. She worries too much. She plays her guitar and sings to distract her from her worries and to calm her down. Motivating Force: Blossum sings in the forest of Arden to as many people as possible. She sings of nature, love, peace, and happiness. The lyrics of her songs convey the message that living in the forest is simpler and more peaceful than living in the kingdom. Method of Physical Actions- Blossum is a sensitive and an intuitive young woman, about 17, who has a very smiley appearance. She is very tall and has long arms and legs that sometimes get in the way, average weight, and wears no makeup at all. She believes that makeup covers up her true beauty. Others might view her as shy, yet, she is full of personality. Truth and Belief: Blossum’s character is a musician. Since I share the love of music with Blossum, her character will be more believable and realistic.

Magic IF-If I was Blossum, I would truly enjoy what she does because It would be fun to travel around and play a guitar and sing to all sorts of people, and do what I love to do, perform! Tempo-Rhythm-Blossum is on the ball and aware of everything going on around her, but she’s VERY clumsy due to her long limbs and is a complete ditz. Emotional Memory-I can probably say that I am somewhat like Blossum. We both are very sensitive, and enjoy singing and performing!