The Pink Swastik Homosexuality In The Nazi Party

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Another form of opposition in the early LGBT movement was moral and cultural disapproval of homosexuality, such as Nazi and Neo-Nazi groups, that made it difficult for growth within the gay rights movement to arise. It is fairly well known that the Nazi party had many negative impacts on homosexuals in Europe during World War 2. However, after World War Two, Nazi groups managed to spread their biased views to America. Neo-Nazi groups, people who believe in Nazi like concepts subsequent to World War 2, began to form throughout America. Some more extreme Neo-Nazi groups had such a strong aversion to gay rights that they encouraged homosexuals to go to prison for life or concentration camps, and even occasionally they believed homosexuals should receive the death penalty (“Gay”). There were also, starting in the 1980s, some more outrageous individuals that began to voice their Nazi like opinion on gay rights. An example of one such individual was Scott Lively, who assisted the writing process of the book, The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party, which scholars discredited numerous times, but still shows his radical personal opinions on gays and the Nazi party, that gays were vicious murderers of the Nazi party (“Scott”).