The Pit and the Pendulum Creative Essay

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The Pit and the Pendulum

The room had been square. I saw that two of its iron angles were now acute-- two, consequently, obtuse. I deducted that the space of the prison was diminishing, the walls ushering forward to meet one another, with me and the pit in the in-between.The room was an odd and mishappen shape enclosing around me and choking my spirit like a merciless serpent would to its prey. My captors watched above me like rats in the sewer to see if the little mouse that was caught would chew off its own leg to escape. But, there is no escaping for me. I am well and caught there is no light to welcome me into death but the fiery walls before and behind me.
The unbearable heat causes my entire body to shrivel away from the hellish walls moving towards me with a sound of doom akin to the roar of a thousand giants crushing, grating, and grinding through rock. The air begins to lift and leave the room, as the walls breach my being. The burning iron feels so near, as if hell itself was whispering to me of the tortures soon to come, beyond the pit of my demise. I screamed a horrible scratchy, screech of that of a madman who know of the fiery devils awaiting to claim him as death beckons nearer. The pressure grew and I was drawn closer and closer to that forsaken pit!
The pit mocked me with each descending step backwards that I took. Gravity itself was not as strong as the trap I had been caught in, and forced to circle about.
I shut my eyelids unable to bear looking into the embers in fear that my eyes would be chared. If these were to be my final moments, I would want to watch my fall to death. Time evaporated and left me in a trance as I began to comprehend what existing in a moment meant as I never had before. Each moment begins and ends like a small life...I had never soaked up a moment in life as I did now. The end of my life drew near me as clear as daylight, that I would never again see. I opened my eyes and shrank back further in a state of trembling hysterics as the pad of my foot encroach the edge of the pit.
And I knew death would claim me in just a few small moments. The unforgiving walls forced me onward towards the abyss. My body stung as I tried to propel myself forward closer to the walls and in that first moment of contact my body stung with the pain of a thousand needles. The smoke rose from my seared battered body and I smelt the sweet bitter smell of burning flesh.
Time started once more from whence I know not of, and without another beat of my pounding heart, I found not even an inch to stand on the firm floor of the prison. Teetering with certain knowledge of my fate, I gave into the arms of death. I felt my balance begin to fail me and my soul let out one last desperate cry filled