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The Pitch: Episode 1
Subway: WDCW and Mckinney

The Brief Subway is looking to expand and relaunch their breakfast campaign with a focus on people between 18 and 24. Subway is one of the largest international chains which will create huge exposure.
WDCW: Subway finds them “corkey” which could put an edge on their target consumer group on the campaign.
McKinney: They have a good reputation as a strong industry and they need the exposure.
6 days until Pitch:
WDCW: Meets with their team, with inspiration and creativity in mind.
McKinney: meets with their team, they think it is a good idea for the younger people in the company to step up.
5 days until Pitch:
WDCW: Brainstorming starts, ideas get thrown around, they start with “Greasy Town” everyone voted against it, 2 ideas better than before but they are worried about execution , they think this will be a good idea to work with.
McKinney: They split the younger employees into two teams. Team one presented an idea but got shut down and team twos first idea was not any better. Day one did not go as planned.
4 days until Pitch:
WDCW : They are working off the “Zambie” idea. They are feeling really confident.
McKinney: They find a guy who raps about breakfast food on YouTube and believe this is exactly what they need to meet the target age group. They are feeling more confident.
3 days until Pitch:
WDCW : The more they work on the “Zambie” idea the more confident they get. It is risky but definitely memorable.
McKinney: They have 2 ideas that are going with. “lets fix breakfast” and “breakfast freestyle” are the two ideas they are going with. They are worried that they are not solid enough yet. They met with the rapper and are interested and impressed but they are struggling in visuals.
36 hours until Pitch:
WDCW: the are focusing on execution, voicing, and making visuals.
McKinney: they start recording a video and they decide they want the rapper to come to the pitch.
The Pitch:
WDCW: They were very amused and interested in the “no be a zombie” presentation.
McKinney: They go first with “lets fix breakfast” and “free style breakfast”,