The Place for Diversity Multimedia Analysis Essay

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RUNNING HEAD: My Place: The Place for Diversity

Chawn A. Thomas My Place: The Place for Diversity Multimedia Analysis COMM 315/Diversity Issues in Communication November 4, 2010 Barbara Lach-Smith

Although, I am not the type of person who judges people based on their superficial characteristics, after reviewing the examples depicted in the multimedia analysis, I did find myself judging
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After receiving my master’s degree, I backpacked through Europe for three months and then moved to Phoenix, AZ to work as an instructional designer. I currently help develop curriculum and multimedia projects for online classes, which I enjoy considerably. I also enjoy hiking, kayaking, camping, and taking pictures.” In this scenario, I definitely dropped the ball. I selected the older gentleman based on his age. I figured because he was an older gentleman, he probably had more experience than the other men pictured. His picture led me to believe that he was laid back and reserved, and aside from thinking he was more likely to have the experience working and traveling, he also appeared to enjoy things such as hiking, camping, and taking pictures. Chris was my last choice, because he’s shown in a Superman costume, which gave me the impression that he was someone who loved to clown around and have fun. His photo led me to believe that he didn’t have the least bit of interest in things such as creating a training program on inmate rehabilitation or backpacking through Europe. After reading about him further, I got the impression that he went through school as the class clown, and didn’t take things in life too seriously. Various Characteristics that Encompass Components of Diversity Recognizing diversity means accepting and