The Plague: A Short Story

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We had gone over the plan so many times. Gone over every little scenario. I wanted to think that nothing could go wrong. Yet here I was panicking, sitting in front of a Starbucks with a sizzling coffee in front of me. I picked up my coffee nearly spilling it from my shaking hands. I take a small sip of my coffee. All that I have to do is keep my eyes open and tell the others if something unexpected happens.
“That’s all you have to do; that’s all you have to do.” I kept telling myself. Part of me knew that something was going to go wrong no matter what we did. A bang rang through the air. I felt like my ears had just been split. After the shot went off I Scott and Tom race out of the front of the store. Scott ran into a woman as he tried to
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I should tell you about myself though. Well my parents killed by the black plague. Not the first one that your problem familiar with. The one the salvaged Europe this one went globe.Killing more than half of the population including my parents and all the other family I ever had. I was 5 at the time. Before that there had been a scientific breakthrough a way to travel thru space. Travel million of miles in a matter of minutes. So we had a way to get to far out plants in less than a year. Let me just say that it’s a good thing that we did find other habitable planets because earth was well going downhill and fast. The Poles had decreased by hundreds of miles due to climate change. The coastal states like Florida and California were under water now. Now back to the space travel people were all fighting to get off of earth the polluted bombed out planet of earth.In all of this time I was living on the streets of New York. Where met Scott and Tom. I was 8 at the time. We thought that would be better off together than on our own. We met a lot other orphans over the years like Tara Michael and Finn. By the time I was 13 we were a group of 15 people. Living in an old abandoned mattress factory. Things were getting worse and worse on the streets. They were all weak from not getting any food. Thats why me Scott and Tom decided to hit that drugstore it just went very wrong. But we have a plan that will get …show more content…
We’re a bunch of teen agers who have lived on the streets all of our life. Even for the smallest chance of getting there I’m willing to go. I don’t want to live like his for the rest of my life. I would rather die trying to get somewhere that we can have a real life. This is not living this is……”He took a deep breath. Something else but not life.”
“If you stand with Scott and myself then please step forward.” Now that person that you read about in the beginning who was pissing his pants over a little robbery. This is the day that I changed. I could see that Oeter was our only hope of survive and I’m for dam shore not going to die on earth. I changed into someone like what Scott said someone thank was really living. I was the first to stand next to Scott he look surprised but said.
“Good to see that you're coming.” After me others started to follow. Finn and Michael some of the most respected people of our group stepped forward to stand with me Scott and John. Other follow them. Frank Ben Sue Carson Dexter Axle. Tara was the last to stand there with her younger brother Billy. She looked very agitated.
“You guys are marching right into your deaths. But I can’t let you do that all by yourself. Me and Billy are