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1) The main idea in the video The Plan is to believe enough in oneself that we do not settle for less than our dream come true. We all need to live life to our fullest capabilities. There is so much in life to experience that we need to live it before settling down with a partner, job, and having children. This video reminds us that in order to find our true self we need to give ourselves the chance to go explore all possibilities, before choosing one. Even if the outcome is not what he expected, it opened up doors for other outcomes to experience. We need to embrace new experiences and ways of life to not short ourselves of great opportunities.
2) Do I agree with this video The Plan, and the answer to that is yes I do. I envy anyone that gets the freedom to go explore the world, try new things, move new places, and start new lives.
3) The Plan I thought was very inspiring. Some days I forget to live life to the fullest by taking chances, and experiencing new things. We all need to remember sometimes new doors cannot open without closing old ones first. The world is so big with so much to do and see, yet I am stuck here in my small town living pay check to pay check.
4) Some of the things this video made me consider is how I can start living life like I use to when I was young so that my children do not miss out on all the great life experiences I did as a child and young adult. This winter and my father and other family passing away had me in a great depression that some days I wouldn’t even get out of bed due to depression. This video reminded me if I am not happy in the life I am in I can change it as long as I truly believe in myself and that I deserve better. Sometimes change is exactly what the doctor ordered.
1. How this video relates to me and my life would be on how I wish I would of started my adult life as. I have always been outgoing, adventurous, and risk taker. The problem I had was I wanted to grow up fast and move out of parents how so I took the first door that was opened instead of standing on my own two feet living the I dreamed I would live. I had a baby before I was out of high school, which closed a lot of doors for me.
2. The way this video relates to the others is how believing in yourself and having the courage to stand up for what you want and believe in can change your life for the better. Many of our past videos focused on loving yourself, and loving /accepting others for who they truly are is one of the most important qualities we need to possess in order to live fulfilling lives and helping our communities grow stronger by being part of the solution not the problem. This guy believed he would be happier somewhere else and accomplish more in life than where he was at. He choose to take a chance on life somewhere else where he could be happy and successful. Which in the scheme of things if he is a happy successful