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Project #2- 2nd Draft In “Pol Pot biography” by permission of AP/Wide World Photos. Pol Pot was born near Anglong Veng, Cambodia. He was the second son of a successful land-owner in Kompong Thom Province. He was a smart student in school temple. He was taught by those educated at a Buddhist temple. In later years of age, he obtained access to government information to study radio and electrical technology in Paris. However as time progressed in France, Pol Pot began to spend less time on his studies and began his involvement with the communist party. He returned to Cambodia in 1953. He became involved with Khmer Revolutionary Party (KPRP), the first Cambodian communist party. For the next thirteen years, Pol Pot and other WPK “Workers Party of Kampuchea. Members disappeared from public view and set up their party organization in nearby jungles. During that time in the jungles, he traveled to China to receive organizational training. Pol Pot returned to Cambodia in 1966 and changed the WPK to Khmer Communist Party. Pol Pot had become the head leader of Cambodia in 1975 after the Cambodian Civil War. Meanwhile, Pol Pot’s reform policies and drove many people from major cities to country side. Most of the people to the farm fields. (There is no bias in this article.)

Mask Murder of Pol Pot by “Nate Thayer”. The nightmare that drives Pol Pot, the phobia that spurred the Khmer Rouge to take power in 1975. Pol Pot considered himself a nationalist, and Khmer communist leader. He changed the country to year zero. He believed that under his rule can make the people and the country to become the Khmer Empire again. He used the Army force to control people as slave labor. He executed his own people whoever opposed his rule. He believed his idea was always right. There were no law, no human rights. The power leader of his side lead the non lead side by using execute law to scare people to follow his rule. He let people starve to death. He