The Poncho Bearer In The Rye

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In everybody's life they have many opportunities to conform or be an individual, deal with or avoid issues, and to be pure. Many people, whether it be a child or adult reach purity and stay pure due to avoiding issues or being true to themselves. People want to be themselves, but it's hard because society pushes people to conform. Few stick out, but those who do remain pure and are truly happy. Other people avoid issues in their lives and live simple and pure. Purity is a result of being true to one’s individuality.
To stay pure one must stay true to themselves. Many teens do not want to conform with society, they want to be themselves. Some teens wanna stick out, be themselves, and be happy. From the article, The Poncho Bearer, by John Schwartz,
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Holden changes and tells the truth for once. Phoebe asked if holden would go home or not and he says, “‘Yeah.’...I meant it, to. I wasn't lying to her. I really did go home afterwards” (Salinger 212). Holden stays true to himself by telling the truth to Phoebe and going home. All Honden has wanted is someone to care for him and catch him. Holden found that in Phoebe, Holden is happy and true to himself, thus holden is pure. Holden's individuality and seeking someone to catch has kept him pure, and continues to do so. He is there to catch Phoebe as Phoebe is there for him. Both remain pure and always will be with their individualism and strong personalities. In society many teens feel the urge to not stand up for themselves and not be true to their individuality. In the movie, “Pretty In Pink”, by John Hughes, Duckie is a boy who is in love with his best friend, Andie. Duckie has always loved her but is not able to explain his feelings to her. Andie falls for a different boy but is heartbroken, both Andie & Duckie go to prom alone. The two find each other and decided they should dance. Duckies happiness is short lived when the other boy, Blaine wants another …show more content…
During one's life they run into man big and small issues. They can either learn from the issue, stand up and face the issue, or run from the issue and completely avoid it. In the movie, “Pretty In Pink”, Andies father, Jack, faced the issue of his wife randomly leaving him and never returning, leaving Jack and his daughter Andie alone. Jack never faced the problem, he always made excuses and avoided the issue. Andie says, “ Why can't you just realize that she's gone and never gonna come back, she's never coming back. Why can't you accept she is gone?” (Pretty) Andies father Jack completely avoids the issue of his wife leaving him, this allows him to remain pure and live a simple life. He does the same thing everyday hoping his wife will come back because he loves her. He sits at home waiting and waiting, not getting a job, being lazy, just waiting. Just like avoiding the issue of loss, Holden Caulfield avoids being lectured, he does not like people lecturing and holding him accountable. Many times in the novel Holden is lectured, twice by teachers and once by his sister, Phoebe. When Holden is lectured or held accountable he completely avoids it and makes up lies or excuses and finds a way to leave. “...I have to get going. I have to go right to the gym” (Salinger 15). Holden was being lectured by Mr. Spencer and Holden was having none of hit so he made and excuse and left. Holden avoids being lectured because