The Pooch: A Short Story

Words: 1882
Pages: 8

Kevin O?Neale
?The Pooch? After sitting at my worn-down desk for some seemingly endless hours, a sudden ringing pierced through the stale air. I fumbled through the piles of pointless paperwork to barely manage to answer the phone, just to hear a sassy ?Hello?! Is anybody there??
?Hel-? I tried to respond.
?I need help asap! It?s a matter of life or death!? She screamed, cutting me off.
?Ma-a, Ma?am!? I strained to reply through all the chaos in the background. ?Is everything alright? There seems to be an awful lot of commotion where you?re at.?
?Oh is someone there?? She answered, finally noticing me. ?Ignore the noise, that?s not the problem. The problem is my precious is gone. Nothing like this has ever happened before! Just- yes Franky, I?m coming- come quickly to 179-14 Dalny Rd.?
?Yes, but do you have a name of the client, or maybe what exactly is missing?? The only response I got was the dial tone.
Without a second thought, I sprinted to Linwood?s office, knocking over the massive piles on the way there. I peered into his study before bumbling in, because he always yelled at me whenever I entered without knocking. According to him, it ?disturbed his qi? or chakras or whatever he called it. I saw him sitting in at his desk, smoking his favorite
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The droplets we like tiny bullets, each small, but sharp, as they stabbed at my face, one after the other. But of course, Linwood had his overcoat and umbrella, as if he magically knew that there was going to be a storm. So, as I was waiting by the car for him to unlock it, getting pummeled by the elements, he was casually strolling to the car without a care in the world. After a fair share of arguing in the car, if you can even call it that because Linwood would pick apart everything I said and explain why I?m wrong. Luckily, before we knew it we were parked outside of one of the biggest mansions that I have ever