The popularity of the Progressive Era Essay

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The popularity of the Progressive Era grew with the desire to improve life in the Industrial Era by changing the government and their actions. The population wanted to limit the powers of big business and improve democracy for the public. The middle classed citizens, as well as the poor joined in on this cause seeing the opportunities that can arise from progressivism. There were many changes that came with the movement such as better schools, juvenile courts, system of parole and changes that favored the poor such as free kindergarten, night school and cheap public transportation. There were changes with the law as well such as a limit on the death penalty, the pure food and drug act and meat inspection. Many of these laws still affect us today and got rid of many health hazards. A lot of these changes were also encourages by Theodore Roosevelt, who was a big player in the movement. He was charismatic and an influential figure that pushed progress and politics such as the “Square Deal” and the Sherman anti-trust act, as well as taking out many monopolies. Also the progressive era had a huge impact on the roles of women in society. Women went from homebound producers to wage-earning consumers, which made them independent. Taft continued Roosevelt’s policies with trust busting and conservation. By establishing the Bureau of Mines and large tracts in the Appalachians, he made reservations in the forest. He also passed the Mann-Elkins Act which gave the interstate…