The Positive And Informative Essay: The Sport Of Softball

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Dot Richardson says, "A true champion works hard and never loses sight of her dreams." Head softball coach at Liberty University, Dot Richardson stands as one of the most decorated softball players in the world. If players work hard and have a passion for the game than they can become a true champion not just on the outside, but on the inside too. Never giving up, even when players hit a hard spot, the ones that keep their goals in mind always find a way through. Often, softball players make bad plays, which sometimes cost the championship game, occasionally they get criticized, but with all of this in mind, the positive aspects of the game far outweigh the negative. Softball benefits its players in many different ways. From aspiring athletes to the professionals, softball not only teaches the game, but it teaches many life lessons too. Playing softball benefits its players, by offering a fun way to exercise, teaching valuable life lessons, and by giving its players a chance to make new friends along the way. …show more content…
Sometimes, finding time to get exercise can become difficult, but softball makes exercise easier to manage. Even though players do not always receive a constant stream of motion, they still obtain short bursts of significant exercise. Sprinting from base to base, going for a ball in the outfield, even something as unnoticed as running around the field in warm-ups, or fielding a ball give examples of short bursts of exercise. Granted not all people think that softball has a lot of exercise in it, those who have played the game realize that it still gives a chance to get some exercise while having