The Possibility Restaurant Essay

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Executive Summary

Introduction Angela Fox and Zooey Caulfield are recent college graduates from State University with a degree in food and nutrition. With their love for food and nutrition these two friends have decided to open up a French restaurant in Draperton, which is also the town State University is located in. They believe their business will prosper because there are no French restaurants in the area leaving the restaurant to be unique. They acquired a Victorian home just off of Main Street which is a heavily trafficked area and name their new venture “The Possibility”. Though “The Possibility” has potential, being inexperienced restaurant owners leaves for some potential problems. Also being recent college graduates it is
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After preparing each type of meal it has been determined that each fish dinner requires 15 minutes of preparation and each beef dinner takes double the time, 30 minutes. Being in the restaurant business a kitchen staff is vital for preparing meals. Kitchen staff has a set amount of time that their labor can be exonerated for, which in this case is a total availability of 20 hours daily. Angela and Zooey having degrees in food and nutrition believe that a portion of their clientele will be very health conscious. This will be a constraint of how they believe how much of each type of dinner will be sold. With keeping health in mind the decision makers conclude that for every two beefs dinners ordered there will be at least three fish dinners ordered as well. Beef dinners however are still very popular and the decision makers have also concluded that at 10% of beef dinners will be ordered each night. The final factor to include is that each type of dinner has a different profit outcome. The profit from each fish dinner will approximate to $12 and for each beef dinner the profit will approximate to $16. These constraints are the causes to the problem of finding the amount of meals Angela and Zooey should serve each night because without these constraints they could set any number they wanted to. Evaluation: Decision Criteria and Alternative Solutions The best way to solve the problem Angela and Zooey are