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The Power of Bilingual

Have you ever heard that two head is always better than one, well compare to bilingual education, knowing more than one language is always better one. Since the rapid rise of the Hispanic population in the United States began, the question of whether or not to feature bilingual education in K-12 schools has been heavily discussed by U.S. Citizens, lawmaker, teachers and parents. On the one side, national pride may be at stake if a language beside English is taught in public schools. English is a unifying factor that allows people of different races, religions, nationalities, and backgrounds to have commonalities and come together as a nation. On the other side, in 2012 Hispanics or Latinos made up 16.9% of the U.S. population base on U.S Census Bureau. Other nations with minority groups that speak other languages have two or more official languages to represent all facets of the population and appreciate the diversity. According to the fact, I believe that Bilingual education should be implemented in K-12 school, as children in early age able to learn quicker and able to take the advantage on a second language which would benefits them and the country in many different ways, such as more job opportunities, and communication in the international business. I also strongly agree that it should be in implemented in K-12 not later because children at this age does not have to work, which means they would have more time to study, giving them opportunity to learn even more faster and wider their views about culture by learn another language. So why not take the advantage of the skills our ethnic minorities possess to move our economy forward? People who disagree are obviously not thinking clearly, because the benefit of bilinguals, significantly outweigh the bad. To deny the youth the opportunity for upward mobility and skill to become more marketable in a worldwide capacity is inhumane. Bilingual should be taught in school so that people are more understanding of co-worker, compete in globe market and for Hispanic youth to better understanding in school.
Some peoples argue that, bilingual program divide the social between the native- English speaker and those who are not by categorize the language they choose to speak. In my point of views, I think if everyone is able to speak English plus another language, it will improve understanding of people from multicultural background , which would make communication between one and other more understandable. Being able speak other language to communicate, and understand people from their background is one of most important skill set as anywhere we go, because we communicate with people locally or internationally to get our point across. Not only being able to understand each other well but also, people would respect you and accepted you as part of them, because you understand their language, and the meaning of words from their mind, that would frame the image of yourself as part of the group. Living in the melting pot culture sociality, we can imagine how important it is to understand people we come across every day in our daily activities or routine. In my own experience, where I work, most of my co-workers are Hispanics and they hardly speak English, which makes it very difficult to communicate with each other and it is also very hard to understand what’s going on when they are speaking difference language. The only skill available for me is reading body languages, but if I understand their language, I believe it would build up friendship and trust better that would make my work environment more comfortable and being able to work as a team as I mention two heads is always better than one.
According to the article “A Skill, Not a Weakness”, by Laurie Olsen and Shelly Spiegel Coleman, the authors fact that, more than 1.5 million students in California who enter school speaking a language other than English would graduate from high school fully bilingual or