The Power of One Essay

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The Power of One Essay
He is dedicated to the tasks he’s given and is strong and courageous when knocked down. Not only is he a role model towards his friends, but to all others who surround him. He made a huge sacrifice knowing that his actions would benefit and impact himself and others in a significant way. This character cares about the treatment of himself and others and because of his actions, he was able to die a free man. All of these attributes demonstrated in the movie, are why I think
Piet reflects the ideals of a ‘Global Citizen’.
The movie “The Power of One” demonstrates a lot of racial segregation in South Africa between the years of 1953 and 1994. Though out the movie PK (the main character) and Doc are forced to live in a prison containing several innocent black people. There, PK meets Piet (a black prisoner) who teaches him how to box. Through out the many years that PK spent in the prison,
Piet was able to teach him various techniques of becoming a great boxer. This is a very significant part of the movie because PK and Piet formed a strong bond helping each other out in as many ways as they could through out the prison. For example, during this time, black people were not allowed to posses any tobacco in the prison but PK and Doc (both white people) were allowed. PK was able to give Piet and the rest of the black prisoners the tobacco they needed, and helping them out in any way he could as he knew the officers were unfair.
Boxing was also a way that PK was able to defend himself against later events in the movie.
Rules were very strict at the prison and black prisoners were often beat down to the ground for no reason. Piet proves that he is a ‘Global Citizen’ by caring, showing courage and respecting the guards even when he is treated horribly. He is a role model because every time he was beaten down by an officer, he showed his fellow prisoners and PK that determination and courage may seem difficult, but it was the only way they could “silently” stand up against the officers. Piet described the officers as weak and afraid of the black prisoners which is why they used physical aggression frequently. An example of this in “The Power of One” is when Doc and
PK were asked to compose a song sung by the black prisoners for the officers. Here Piet demonstrates the traits of a Global Citizen by taking a risk for his community. He wanted every one in the prison to feel like they had a voice, that the officers shouldn’t have to pick on them constantly, and that they shouldn’t be punished for no